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The story of our e-cards

And that’s how it was that we thought we should set up a website where e-cards look like real greeting cards and are truly unique...

Once upon a time, in 2011-2012, a man found fantastic colors and places by the sea in the town of Haapsalu and captured them in photographs. Someone older and wiser saw these pictures and suggested - wow, Haapsalu postcards should be like this. And just like that the Fairytale cards were the first to be born. There was some hesitation as to whether these were the type of cards that would sell and whether they were exactly as they’re supposed to be. But they were beautiful, they said :) It turned out they do sell and sell very well. Haapsalu's visitors and locals alike were fond of them. Next, what a surprise, the Flowery cards came to be... These Haapsalu flowers sure are astonishing, their colors and modest, yet sincere beauty will enchant you.

Never rush and you shall always arrive on time. C. M. de Talleyrand-Perigord

Time flies and many people have taken flight to mobile phones and computers during this time. Actually, multitudes of people, and they are missing out on greeting cards. Now is the time to bring greeting cards to computers and mobile phones as well. So that everyone could once again send Christmas cards and greeting cards with flowers and dogs, and other exciting and beautiful designs. Now in the form of e-cards! We think the passepartout gives our e-cards a beautiful look that makes them stand out as unique among the overflow of options available online. All thoughts on how our e-cards could be presented and what kind of new cards you’d like to see are most welcome. As well as other interesting ideas... 

Let’s see what will happen next :)

We are on our way... And there is still much to do. We’ll start with Christmas cards. Over time, new card series will appear on this page. Hopefully, you’ll allow us to send you e-mail notifications about new arrivals. We strive towards using more screen space with regard to both desktop wallpapers and e-cards. Also in terms of design. In time, we will also add place descriptions to the cards. That being said, our e-cards will still look like traditional greeting cards. :) What would be the easiest way to send an e-card? We pondered and pondered over this question. Perhaps, the easiest way indeed is this: you purchase the e-card of your choice and a clean high resolution e-card arrives in your inbox without a watermark on it. You can then attach the e-card to your e-mail greeting. The recipient of the greeting, who opens the attachment, sees the card on a clean screen background, without the distraction of an e-mail inbox or other items. Write a greeting in your e-mail just the way you like. You can even make an e-card folder on your computer where you can save all of your e-cards. You can also change an e-card’s file name – e.g. "Merry Christmas to Kerry!" – be it using the name of the recipient or however you wish. The file names in the shop consist of a short thoughtful title of the picture on the card. What’s important - once purchased, you can send the e-card to as many people as you wish. Furthermore, you can use our cards as desktop wallpapers. Your purchased e-cards can be freely used by you and your family. Just log in to your account – the initial setup and saving your passport is all it takes. Next time, it only takes one click to log in. Having put down all this practical stuff, let's take a look at the e-cards :) Thank you!

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