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Why and how should you send an e-card?

To get started, make sure to register as an E-Card-E Club member – this is just the beginning; spring and summer will be exciting and we’ll send you notifications whenever new card series are released!

Having selected a card you like, add it to the shopping cart. Purchasing sev
eral cards, add them all to the shopping cart. When you’re done adding cards, go to your shopping cart - you can pay im-mediately without logging in.

Nevertheless, we recommend joining the E-Card-E Club and creating your own account to view cards you have bought before and cards you have liked. It will also be easier to pay for your pur-chases as your payment card details will already be saved under your account.

Within a few minutes after paying for your purchase, you’ll receive an e-mail from us with your purchased card(s) for download. Start composing a new e-mail, put down your greetings and good wishes, and attach the e-card file you received. Previewing the attachment before sending your e-mail, you can see what it looks like when opened on the recipient's screen. And now, if everything is the way you want it to be, send your beautiful e-card!

You can download your e-card in advance so you’ll be ready to send it on the day. The download link is active for 30 days.

Why should you send an e-card...

Everyone is busy in this modern world. Be that as it may, sending an e-card enables you to make someone smile at any given time.

e-card-e offers you the opportunity to send one purchased card to as many people as you wish. For example, selecting three cards to send, you can wish Merry Christmas to 5..10..20 people for only EUR 7.20! Compare that to the amount you’d pay for that many paper based cards. With an e-card you can send a Christmas greeting to all of those that you wish to see smiling.
However, the greatest virtue of e-card-e is the opportunity to send your greetings at just the right time. Choose to send your e-card on Christmas Eve in the morning or evening or on Christmas Day, on someone’s birthday in the morning, evening, or night, etc... :) 


The e-cards at with their colors and photographs are original designs. :)



Easy to send ...on your friend’s device the e-card arrives as swiftly as a bird flies

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